Burner Cleaning Kits

Firelake Manufacturing takes pride in listening and responding to the needs of their customers’. The new burner cleaning kit is the perfect answer that replies to recent customer request and industry demand for do-it-yourself maintenance.

All You Need

The burner cleaning kits have everything a customer needs to clean and service their waste oil burner themselves including:

  • Nozzle
  • Retention Head
  • Electrodes
  • Vital O-Rings
  • Cad Cell
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Step-by-Step manual to ensure the job is simple

An Affordable Option

Firelake Manufacturing is known industry-wide for the quality of its products and has created the burner cleaning kits as an affordable option for those customers who have requested the opportunity to do their own in-house servicing. However, the kits are not intended to serve as a replacement for the great service many customers receive through distributors.