Waste Oil Used in Hot Water Heaters

heating with waste oil water heater

Waste Oil in Water Heaters

Waste oil is simply a quality source of fuel and can be used in a variety of ways to produce heat. Used oil can be burned in a waste oil heater to warm the air, and it can be burned in a waste oil boiler in which it heats by creating steam. Another popular use for using waste oil is to burn it in a water heater to heat water. For over 20 years, Firelake Manufacturing has offered all these types of waste oil burning equipment, and our customers have appreciated the diverse ability to heat with this fuel source any way they like.

Burn waste oil in safe water heaters

Firelake waste oil water heaters are designed to offer a high level of safety to customers. Our water heaters are certified and inspected so you are assured of high quality, long lasting equipment. Buying used equipment or altering equipment not designed and inspected for this purpose can be very dangerous. Firelake Manufacturing is a certified company known for safe and reliable equipment. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your heating needs or any questions you may have about using waste oil in a hot water heater and/or heating with waste oil.