Safe and Reliable: Virginia Transit Service Trusts Firelake

Virginia Regional Transit trusts Firelake ManufacturingThousands of people depend on mass transit, so a mass transit maintenance and service shop has an important role in keeping vehicles on the road and people getting where they need to be. The Virginia Regional Transit service bay works very hard to keep vehicles in top shape and depends on their Firelake waste oil heating system to keep the shop warm in the winter.

Virginia Regional Transit Service uses waste oil heatersThe Virginia Transit Service maintenance center has two Firelake heaters they purchased about a year ago. The heaters are very reliable and work every time. Other brands of heaters were tried at their prior location, but they switched to Firelake because the waste oil heaters are manufactured to produce more heat than other heaters. In fact, the heaters supply so much heat that usually they only use one. Only in extreme weather conditions do they turn on the second heater.

Service technicians stay warm and vehicles at a moderated temperature while being serviced thanks to the reliable heat of Firelake waste oil heaters.