Waste Oil Heater in New Construction Specs

waste oil heater in specsIf you are planning remodeling, a new addition, or new facility construction, the time to factor in a waste oil heater is in the spec process. Firelake Manufacturing can help. We frequently have contractors contact us to help spec out the right waste oil equipment according to building codes and new facility heating needs. In many cases, the property owner is familiar with a waste oil heater and its extraordinary heating capacity, and has specified a Firelake waste oil heater.

Factoring in a Waste Oil Heater into Specs

Factoring waste oil equipment into new construction at the onset is ideal. Not only does it allow the building contractor to locate the right equipment, but often times the cost of the waste oil heater can be factored into the loan. Business owners appreciate the cost of the equipment spread out over time, allowing them to use the money saved on energy to be put toward the loan payments. This is an ideal situation that we hear businesses say they appreciate having the forethought to consider not only energy savings, but lower utility bills from the first day the building project is complete!

Waste oil energy is worth as much as 30% more by gallon than diesel fuel, double the heat value of propane. Savings are amplified because tax credits are available in some states and on the Federal tax forms for qualified purchases. Factoring in a waste oil heater in the specs and financing also allows for careful selection of (tax credit) qualified equipment; the determination of which is something that depends on the business type and how the waste oil equipment is categorized.

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