Independent HVAC Dealer Speaks Mind

In the waste oil heating industry feedback from the people working on the equipment is very important. When those same people contact you and comment,

“…. and we have been in the HVAC industry for over 30 years. We service a five state area, NE IA, MO, KS, and IL. We’ve worked on them all and I will say that FireLake products stand far above the rest in all categories, hands down.”,

it speaks solidly for your equipment design. The comment holds the highest value with Firelake as it came from a broad based company that is not a Firelake Distributor. Designing and building high quality waste oil heaters has been standard operation at Firelake over many, many years. We never get tired of hearing about the good our equipment has done for customers. Find out why our leading design in Horizon furnaces maintains a lead in the industry. See our CONTACT tab on the Firelake website.

Not Wise to be Paid for Your Used Oil ?

Used oil is being generated in your service bays and stored at your shop. What are you doing with the oil? Some business owners proudly say I get paid for it. A company comes to my shop, takes the oil and gives me cash. Does it sound great to get a dollar for each gallon? Yes it does but does it short change your business. That gallon of used oil holds 150,000 btus of heat you could be heating your shop with. If you in turn use that “free” dollar plus another dollar from your pocket to buy diesel, propane, or therms of natural gas you could be paying energy bills that have no return on your money. If you applied that same out-of-pocket money to purchasing or leasing a Firelake brand used oil heater you would heat you shop with your own oil and pay off the heater while doing it. The details can be explained using your operating costs as the example. In many cases the bottom line suggests every gallon of oil you sell is a step in the wrong economic direction. Contact Firelake and their Distributors to learn how.

An Industry Leader in Multi-Oil Heating Raises the Standard Again: Firelake Manufacturing Introduces New Single Pass Heaters

Firelake Manufacturing announced the release of the company’s all new line of Horizon Multi-Oil Heating Systems. “We’re very excited about launching the new series and responding to our markets’ needs.  In terms of even greater efficiency and quality, this is what our customers and the rest of the industry have been asking for.”

Heater Model 155

FireLake Manufacturing Waste Oil Heater Model 155

Heater Model 155

The flagship of the new series is the Model 155. Firelake’s updated this Horizon heater with an array of new technology including a multi-start control, a high-voltage igniter and a backup safety feature for over firing. Additional design innovations include a flame sight port for easy access, better balanced blowers with more CFM’s, symmetrical mounting brackets for easier installation, and pre-painted steel cabinet construction for a more durable and polished finish. All models are now also available in stainless steel.  All of Firelake’s waste oil heaters include the tubeless heat exchanger, targetless design, clean-out tool, and dual stack connections for easy installations.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Firelake Manufacturing has also introduced an industry first — a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY on the Horizon™ heat exchanger. Firelake manufactures the complete line of SHENANDOAH® waste oil heating equipment.

North American Coverage

FireLake Manufacturing markets used-oil heaters through a national network of distributors/dealers in the US and Canada. To find a dealer use our dealer locator. The family- owned and operated business is located in Dassel, MN, with sales and marketing offices in Mt. Crawford, Virginia.