Waste Oil Parts by the Piece

The times have changed in the waste oil heating industry. When it comes time to service your equipment can you buy what you need or are you forced to buy a complete burner, assembly, or exchanger? Some manufacturers do NOT sell individual parts. Knowing this up front may change your outlook on buying “inexpensive” or “highly marketed” burners and heaters. At Firelake we sell individual parts right down to o-rings and screws so you do not have to pay excessive money to restore heat in your shop. In comparable service situations you could face a $600 parts order from the competition. At Firelake customer service is available just by making a call or email to determine what parts are needed and how to get them fast. Ever hear of No-Ad products? Top quality with minimal advertising. Firelake too may be the best secret of the industry, using its resources to make good product and generate customer satisfaction. Firelake is the same company prior known as Shenandoah Waste Oil Heaters. The Firelake – Shenandoah tradition continues from the 1980’s.

Reliable Heat when Cold Weather Strikes

jims garage Athol MA, reliable heatJim’s Garage is located west of Athol, Massachusetts, and they have been heating with a Firelake Waste Oil Heater Model 245 long enough to experience the value Firelake equipment brings to owners like Jim across the country.

We are very pleased with the reliability of our waste oil heater.

The winter weather in Massachusetts can be brutal, but Jim’s Garage remains warm all winter long. “Even with frequent door openings to bring in vehicles, the Firelake heater is able to keep the shop warm and comfortable. We are very pleased with the reliability of our waste oil heater.”

The heater is “very economical on the amount of fuel it uses to keep the garage such a comfortable temperature,” says Jim. “I definitely made the right choice in a Firelake waste oil heater for my garage! If you want warm, reliable heat for your garage, give Firelake a call.”


Firelake Welcomes New Distributors


The waste oil heating season is ending in most of the US and Canada. This means those of us in the heating industry are just starting work in a different way. It is time to begin planning for the 2012 – 2013 season. If you have interest in selling the Firelake product line, are willing to service it, we want to hear from you.

Currently we have a generous Spring sale running through April. It would be a good time to look at our burners, many dealers are using the event to stock for Fall at reduced prices. We have areas of the country available for new dealers.

Review your business goals, we have no contracts to sign. Our distribution policy is a trust based relationship that has lasted 4 decades. Prepare now, you can be ready to sell our used-oil heaters/waste oil furnaces when the need arises.

This past season we have heard from many of our customers who voiced Firelake has the best equipment and customer service of any waste oil manufacturer. We agree because that is our foundation. Call to discuss options, see our “Contacts” page to phone or email, thanks.

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