Unique FS Waste Oil Metering Pump

Firelake has a very simple design oil delivery pump that is capable of working on all models and all flow rates of any heater or boiler.    Customers are buying the Firelake pump to upgrade their existing equipment.   The new pump is available with new heater purchases too.  Having no operating adjustments there is nothing to potentially mess up.   Reliable oil delivery to the burner has been the FS key to consistent starting of the burner.    When competitive burners and pumps get to the point of requiring too much attention it is time to bring Firelake pumps and burners to action.    You also get the best technical support in the industry at no cost.    Contact Firelake or a Firelake dealer near you and ask about an FS Pump or a B5 burner.   Providing waste oil equipment over four decades.

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