“I need a heater that works”, not an uncommon story

Another day and another call from an unhappy customer that bought a low cost waste oil heater. Low cost looks attractive when heaters are being shopped around. A couple years later when the budget model stops working the customer discovers there is no option to buy the small parts to repair it. Only assemblies and complete burners are available. Ta-ching ta-ching, hundreds of dollars to pay. Firelake then gets the call because a peer has a Firelake heater system (aka Shenandoah) and they have had good reliability and have been able to get individual parts when needed. You get what you pay for in this case. Customers compare their heaters and that low cost model suddenly does not have the lowest cost of owning and operation. Just think how much more would have been saved if the Firelake was bought up front. Firelake puts its resources in designing and making good equipment. Others seem to shift focus by trying to look like the best through heavy advertisement. A Firelake burner in Colorado is approaching 60,000 run hours, what else do you need to know?