Waste Oil Burners After The Heating Season

Is it time to sit back and do nothing? NO. Your waste oil burner worked all heating season and now it is on a multi-month temporary retirement. There are service matters that can be done now to save you grief later. Did you flush your pump and burner out with diesel fuel and then cut off the power to the burner? Flushing gets the waste oil out that could deposit sediments in the lines and burner during the off-season. If power is left on the burner it will continue to preheat oil and accelerate the sediments to form as sludge in the lines. Without this preventative service you can expect nozzle plugs, and solenoids to stick in the Fall. Filters, valves, and tanks should be serviced now too. Firelake dealers are skilled to do this work and keep your troubles to a minimum. At www.firelakeheaters.com click on the Dealer Locator tab or contact Firelake directly to get the process started 866-252-3757.

Dealership Saves Thousands of Dollars by Heating with Waste Oil

Firelake waste oil heater at Charlie Obaugh DealershipCharlie Obaugh has saved thousands of dollars on heat over the years and attributes the massive savings to his Firelake waste oil heaters. Charlie Obaugh is a Buick, Kia, GMC, and Mazda dealer in the Staunton, Virginia area, and our Firelake Manufacturing staff loves stopping in to hear our equipment has been problem-free.

we can turn up the heat as much as we need to and still save thousands

In fact, according to Service Manager, Patrick Oster “Charlie Obaugh has two model 315 heaters in their main service bays and another in their detail shop, and they all start when their needed.” Free of problems and headaches is important, and “heat in the winter is critical for our technicians to work in a comfortable environment. We can turn up the heat as much as we need to and still save thousands of dollars by burning our waste oil and transmission fluids in our waste oil heaters.”

Charlie Obaugh has been using Firelake heaters for over eight years and wouldn’t recommend any other brand. “They really are amazing heaters.”

Charlie Obaugh Dealership uses Firelake waste oil heater

Waste Oil Used in Hot Water Heaters

heating with waste oil water heater

Waste Oil in Water Heaters

Waste oil is simply a quality source of fuel and can be used in a variety of ways to produce heat. Used oil can be burned in a waste oil heater to warm the air, and it can be burned in a waste oil boiler in which it heats by creating steam. Another popular use for using waste oil is to burn it in a water heater to heat water. For over 20 years, Firelake Manufacturing has offered all these types of waste oil burning equipment, and our customers have appreciated the diverse ability to heat with this fuel source any way they like.

Burn waste oil in safe water heaters

Firelake waste oil water heaters are designed to offer a high level of safety to customers. Our water heaters are certified and inspected so you are assured of high quality, long lasting equipment. Buying used equipment or altering equipment not designed and inspected for this purpose can be very dangerous. Firelake Manufacturing is a certified company known for safe and reliable equipment. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your heating needs or any questions you may have about using waste oil in a hot water heater and/or heating with waste oil.


How Much Can You Expect to Save Using a Waste Oil Heater?

With heating costs on the rise and businesses tightening their belts, the need to reduce overhead and minimize expenses is increasing. The cost of utilities, such as heat, is a big expense for most companies. Many are looking for ways to save money on heat, which presents a unique opportunity for some industries.

trucking companies can burn waste oil for heatauto repair shops can burn waste oil for heatcorporate farms use waste oil heaters to save money

Many industries such as corporate farms, trucking companies, auto repair shops, and car dealerships find themselves with an ample supply of used oil. The need for changing oil frequently to keep vehicles and machinery in top-notch condition means continual waste oil collection, a necessary by-product of their day-to-day operations. Businesses with a large waste oil supply are faced with storage and disposal of waste oil, but some savvy business owners are looking to save some serious cash with a solution that solves a couple issues at once.

Choosing a waste oil heater to heat their buildings and garages means free heat! Most companies who have made the switch to a waste oil heater recoup the initial heating equipment costs within the first year. Not only does heating with waste oil save money on heating costs, but it helps put motor oil and transmission fluid by-products to use, while reducing or eliminating disposal costs.

So how much can you expect to save using a waste oil heater?

Every gallon of waste oil you burn offsets about $2-$3 of energy you would have to buy from a gas provider or fuel supplier. The average heater runs 2,000 hours per year to provide ample heat. Firelake used oil heaters burn about two gallons of oil per hour, which equates to 4,000 gallons waste oil per year. If we err on the low side ($2/gallon), then you can expect to save $8,000 per year! Now that’s a substantial savings; one that pays for your heating equipment within a year of purchase!

Companies who need to keep an eye on their bottom line and have plenty of waste oil available are choosing Firelake waste oil heaters, many of whom are happy to share their experiences with the equipment and cost savings with you.