Burning Waste Oil for Heat

burning waste oil to heat garageIf you are a business owner of an industry with unique heating needs, then you definitely need to formulate your own strategy for combating high utility bills. Firelake continues to help eradicate excessive heat bills for many companies that were surprised by the waste oil heating options available. Once they’ve experienced the savings and simplicity of waste oil heat, these businesses won’t use any other means to heat!

Unique Heating Needs Perfect for Waste Oil Heaters

Some industries with unique heating needs include large out buildings, hangars and quonset huts with high ceilings and/or large open spaces. Businesses with transportation bays, expansive shop floors, and frequently opened overhead doors share a challenge in finding reliable, cost effective heat that is up to the task. Repair shops, heated storage, bus garages, car washes, car dealerships, and transportation companies are just a few of the industries who appreciate the unique advantages of burning waste oil for heat.

Waste oil heaters are industrial strength heating systems designed for unique heating needs, with the distinctive ability to save thousands of dollars in the process. Whether you have waste fluids and oils as a byproduct of your business or have access to this fuel source, you are at a distinct advantage. Selecting and installing waste oil burning equipment in your facilities will allow you to control your fuel supply and heating costs.

Burning waste oil for heat is no longer something that is difficult to achieve or delegated to only those who are more aware of this environmentally friendly technology. Firelake not only manufactures waste oil heating equipment, but has the expertise to help you select the correct solution for your unique heating needs. You can call our company directly, and we can assist with your heater specifications.

We will put you in touch with a dealer near you for superior follow up service. We know it’s important to provide resources AFTER the sale so you get the most out of your equipment and can rely on it working the way it’s designed. Firelake offers a unsurpassed waste oil heater “parts advantage”.