Estey’s Garage Recommends Firelake Waste Oil Furnace

waste oil furnace saves moneyLocated in Orange, MA Estey’s Garage works hard servicing vehicles and keeping their focus on their customers, not a broken furnace. After years of battling with a heater they claim they spent more time on fixing than desired, Roger (owner) decided to shop for a better heating solution. Since the heater they planned to replace was only a couple years old, it was important that their next investment last a very long time.

If someone asks me, I always recommend Firelake.

Roger decided to install a Firelake waste oil heater and has since been able to turn his full attention to his customers’ needs, not the heater! “It’s been twelve years since we got rid of our old, problematic furnace and installed our Firelake waste oil heater. In all these years, our Firelake heater has required very little service, rarely needs our attention, and heats our shop very well. If someone asks me, I always recommend Firelake. It’s the only waste oil heater I can recommend to colleagues looking for an efficient furnace that is problem-free.”

esteys garage in orange MA uses waste oil furnace