Spring Waste Oil Burners, Sales Surprisingly Good

waste oil burner sales upFirelake Manufacturing offered a Spring Sale to their distribution network from April 1st through April 30th 2012.   The promotion was for purposes of clearing remaining inventory of 2011 waste oil burners and heaters.   Quantities of all models were available, including the industry leading patented Horizon Series with a Lifetime Warranty.

Demand was much greater than expected.   Truck loads of heaters are being prepared for May delivery across the U.S and Canada.    Distributors offered three common ideas why the sale was popular, very attractive pricing, increased energy prices, and an increased interest by customers to make general equipment purchases.

Higher energy prices, heating oil in particular, made people think about better ways to heat.    The sale prices came at the right time making return on investment even more attractive.   See www.firelakeheaters.com for ways to estimate heater sizes and calculate payback.