Servicing Drivetrains and Waste Oil Heaters in Western Ohio

Midwest Rebuilds uses Firelake waste oil heatersTwenty years ago when Midwest Rebuilds of Fort Recovery, Ohio, installed a waste oil heater they likely never imagined they’d be selling waste oil heaters a couple decades later. However, Midwest Rebuilds is now the trusted sales and service company for Firelake waste oil heaters in the Western Ohio area.

I like the (Firelake) equipment durability and performance so much, I decided to sell it.

Mr. Kip Dues, Manager of Midwest Rebuilds, says “a Shenandoah waste oil heater was installed over 20 years ago, and it’s still in operation!” Firelake Manufacturing took over the Shenandoah line of waste oil heaters in 2002, adding them to their extensive line of waste oil heaters and furnaces. Since that time, Kip has purchased more waste oil equipment from Firelake. “I like the (Firelake) equipment durability and performance so much, I decided to sell it. It’s a product that runs reliably and puts out plenty of heat, so it’s something that I can sell to my customers knowing they’ll have a good experience owning the equipment,” Kip says.

Midwest Rebuilds heats with waste oil“The heaters are very easy to clean and require very little service. However, if service is required, parts are cheaper than other types of waste oil heaters.” With their extensive knowledge of mechanics, broadening the span of their service offerings to include waste oil servicing and repair is a win-win.

Kip and the crew at Midwest Rebuilds have started servicing other brands of heaters because their customers could not get good service elsewhere. Kip knows what the waste oil heating industry has to offer, and appreciates the quality of equipment put forth by Firelake Manufacturing.

If you are in the Western Ohio area and are curious about the money you can save by burning used oil and transmission fluid for heat, stop in and see Kip at Midwest Rebuilds.