Saving Thousands of Dollars per Month in Heating Costs


mccarthy tire waste oil heaters and equipmentMcCarthy Tire and Automotive Center, the 11th largest commercial tire dealer in North America, trusts Firelake Manufacturing to provide equipment to heat their numerous locations. From New York to North Carolina, McCarthy Tire and Automotive Centers heat with 30 Firelake waste oil heaters, and for good reason. McCarthy reps say that each heater “saves thousands of dollars per month in heating costs.” Multiply thousands of dollars by 30, and we’re talking about a substantial amount of savings each month!

The heaters we use in our car washes have surpassed our expectations.

Not only is McCarthy able to save money on heating costs, but incredibly, Need Name says that minimal service is required on all 30 heaters. This is also a notable savings. “Our Firelake equipment is reliable, which makes maintenance simple. The heaters are easy to service, and our own staff is able to keep them in top condition.”

mccarthy tire waste oil heaters and equipment

“The heaters we use in our car washes have surpassed our expectations. We thought the high moisture conditions inside the car wash bay would prove challenging, but the Firelake heaters run reliably in the wet atmosphere and have resisted excessive wear over the years very well. There is no question we will stay with Firelake equipment when the opportunity arises. Firelake has done well to save us money on energy costs,” ~McCarthy Tire