Reliable Heat and Savings with Waste Oil Heat

slebodnik waste oil heat gibsonia PAWillie, Owner of Slebodnik Paving, Inc in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania knows all too well the importance of reliable, cost efficient heat when the weather turns cold. That’s why Willie chose to heat his shop with a Firelake waste oil heater, Model 315 that has since proven to be a wise (and warm) choice. Slebodnik’s business stays warm all winter long.

The cost savings have been sizeable. “I’ve been able to virtually eliminate my energy bills and still keep the garage a comfortable temp all winter long,” says Willie. While they rely solely on their Firelake waste oil heater, Willie says they “simply check on their old furnace once a year to verify it still works.”

We have not had to spend any time or money servicing it.

Not only has their Firelake heater saved the company money on heat, but it has proven extremely reliable. Pat, Office Manager of Slebodnik’s agrees that their Firelake heater is a tremendous asset. “We have not had to spend any time or money servicing it. We just turn it on when we need it, and it starts pumping out heat.”

saving with waste oil heat