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Firelake waste oil heater parts advantage

Waste Oil Heaters that come with a guarantee of simplicity!

With so many heaters on the market, we want to help you understand what makes Firelake different. When you purchase a waste oil heater from Firelake, you’re purchasing a lifetime of simplicity and cost effectiveness. Our nationwide network of dealers makes finding parts and service incredibly simple. Instead of buying a competitor heater for a few dollars less, you’re buying equipment that will be easy and affordable to maintain for years to come. When others are fighting to find parts, scouring the countryside to find someone to repair their equipment or paying exhorbent prices for parts, Firelake heater owners reap the benefits of their initial purchasing decision.

Firelake PARTS Advantage

Simple to repair: Firelake makes servicing easy by having designs that are common to all models. When the same part will work on multiple heaters, we can offer the best prices on parts.

Simple to locate parts: You can contact the dealer where you purchased your heater contact us directly and we’ll put you in touch. We don’t want you to wait another minute for the part you need!

“Firelake remains a simple machine to operate and service. Having all the parts available for repairs makes owning a Firelake waste oil heater the best choice available.” Midwest Rebuilds, Ohio

Firelake parts are easy to find! A willing network of service providers across the country stock Firelake parts or have direct access to the factory floor to get parts shipped straight from the manufacturer without hassle. How many waste oil heater companies can guarantee that? We’re proud to stand out from the crowd. We know the value of helping you find the parts and service you need quickly and efficiently. Lack of sales support across the industry has people turning to Firelake at an increasing rate to get the post-sale help they expect.

As a leader in the waste oil equipment business, we make it a priority to provide a parts advantage for all our waste oil equipment!

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