Complete System

Firelake's All-In-1 Heating Solution

When we say “complete,” we mean it!

Other companies sell you a furnace and let you figure out the rest. But with Firelake’s Complete System, you can be heating with your waste oil in a matter of hours.

Our furnace comes with a tank made specifically for used oil storage. You also get the pump, mounting arms, flue kit, and more. We even pre-cut and pre-flare the copper lines so they’re ready to hook-up.

Complete System guide

Squirrel Cage Blower


Sturdy, quiet, reliable and capable of optimal airflow in a wide range of conditions.

Digital Hour Meter


Tracks runtime

Integrated Air Compressor (optional)


Built in so you don’t have to connect to and rely on shop air. Providing 24/7 heating availability.

Swing Away Burner Door


Convenient access makes cleaning the chamber fast and easy.

Fuel Gauge


Visual indicator of how much used oil is in your tank.

Side Suction Pump


Reliable, consistent fuel delivery regardless of fuel type (up to 90W) with no manual adjustments.

Low Fuel Cut Off


Turns of the furnace before running out of fuel – preventing time-consuming troubleshooting, shutdowns and repriming.

Elevated Fuel Pick Up

  1. Pump can be mounted at the fuel source-instead of on top of the tank-so the pump is flooded with used oil, not air!
  2. Fuel pick up is six inches above the bottom of the tank, above water and sludge, ensuring only used oil is sent to the furnace.
  3. Easy spin-on stainless mesh filter.

Drain Valve


Makes it simple to purge water or other contaminants that naturally settle in the bottom of the tank.

Class A Flue Kit


Stainless steel interior, double-wall flue, stainless elbow, tee, and damper are UL-listed and meet local codes.