Poultry Farm Incinerator

There’s no doubt. Americans love their chicken! All that delicious food comes from a mix of local farmers to large scale poultry producers. Keeping up with societal demands for one of America’s most popular food requires a sustainable means of disposing of waste.

Poultry farms and processing plants across the United States trust Firelake Manufacturing’s incinerators, built specifically to assist in the poultry production process. A reliable means of waste disposal plays a critical role on poultry farms and plants. Incinerators can help keep operations running smooth and overhead low. Firelake incinerators offer a clean, one-time burn which translates to using less fuel consumption and lower fuel costs. At a time when fuel costs are on the rise, it’s critical the poultry incinerator you choose is as efficient as possible offering “energy saver” controls like those available with Firelake incinerators.

We can appreciate the hard work and planning it takes to operate a successful poultry farm, and Firelake is here to assist will all your incineration needs and answer any questions you may have.