Finding Parts for Your Waste Oil Heater Made Easy

Best Price on Parts

Looking for parts for your Firelake waste oil heater? Considering your options of a waste oil heater that will be easy to maintain and simple to locate parts later? Firelake Manufacturing provides a “parts advantage” when it comes to repairing and maintaining waste oil heaters, because we have designs that are common to all models. When the same part will work on multiple heaters, we can offer the best prices on parts.

Simple to Locate a Part for Your Waste Oil Heater

part for waste oil heater parts advantageFirelake Manufacturing is the clear choice in waste oil heating options, because of our vast network of national dealers who can provide customer service and parts anywhere across the United States. Not sure who is closest to you? Use our Dealer Locator or Call Us Toll Free Today at (866) 252-3757. We want to insure you get the parts you need, when and where you need them.

Why Do So Many Recommend Firelake Waste Oil Heaters?

As one of our dealers recently shared with us, the challenge is always to help educate buyers on the risk of considering a low cost competitor bid. When bids are that low, they have to be weighed with expensive parts and scarce service later. Once customers learn more about the Firelake waste oil heater “parts advantage”, the choice become quite obvious. We hear plenty positive comments later after the choice made. We appreciate the trust you place in us.

“I would say within the first two years it paid for itself, if not sooner.” — Brundage Bone Concrete Pumping

With so many choices on the market, we want to help you understand why our customers so willingly share with others why they love Firelake and what makes us so different. When you purchase a waste oil heater from Firelake, you’re purchasing a lifetime of simplicity and cost effectiveness.