New Incinerator A400X

Incinerator A400XFirelake Manufacturing is now offering a new, hybrid incinerator initially designed around specific needs and requests of our customers. The first A400X incinerators were shipped to mining, fishing and gaming camps in remote Canada. Since the first incinerators left the production floor, they’ve been in high demand.

Poultry Farms and Mining Camps Use Incinerators

Poultry farms, in addition to mining and gaming camps, are quickly discovering this cross-over incinerator’s design saves on fuel, lowering farm/camp operating costs significantly. The Incinerator A400X is an affordable incinerator, but manufactured with more sophisticated controls. This simple, low cost model is very appealing to organizations needing to incinerate a wide range of waste generated at camps in remote locations that have a commitment to proper waste disposal.

Remote camps are very responsible with waste that ranges from potato peelings and paper napkins in village mining camps, to the remains of a wonderful day of catching and cleaning fish or wild game. Every waste product not consumed or packed for the trip home that can be incinerated is disposed of properly. Can you envision how helpful this incineration process would be for your camp or poultry farm? Find a Firelake incinerator distributor near you.

Firelake incinerator picture of incinerator