Industrial Incinerator

An industrial incinerator has a tough job! It’s the workhorse of waste disposal, and it must out perform all other garbage and waste solutions. Firelake Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing industrial incinerators for over forty years (since the 1970’s), with our equipment in use in every state across the country.

With stringent standards, Firelake manufactures industrial incinerators to have the least amount of environment impact possible. In fact, industrial incinerators positively impact our land and water supply by insuring the removal of disease ridden waste. Firelake incinerators can incinerate between about two hundred and sixteen hundred pounds of waste at a time (aka load capacity), depending on your specific needs and model selected. In order to extend the life of the equipment we manufacture incinerators that offer low thermal losses and high resistance interior surfaces.

In addition to a vast number of land-based industries that require waste incinerators, many sea-based industries depend on industrial incinerators too. All our incinerators are perfectly suited for marine use, on boats, barges, and vessels.

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Here are some pictures of Firelake Industrial Incinerators: