Incinerator Permit Process: Where to Start?

incinerator permit process helpIf you are exploring the purchase of an incinerator for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed with the plethora of information. If circumstances are leading you toward the purchase of an incinerator or crematorium, we want to congratulate you on the positive impact your decision will make on clean ground water supply, our environment, and community health and safety standards. Incineration is an excellent choice for proper disposal of a variety of farm, veterinarian, medical, mining and gaming camps, and other waste removal needs.

Starting the Incinerator Permit Process

Because of the wide range of incinerator or crematorium use, your permit process may be dictated by a variety of factors including geographical location, local ordinance, state, and sometimes federal. To begin the incinerator permit process begin at the lowest level of authority and most local possible. For most people and businesses this would be your town or city. Then, progress to the county level or state level if needed. When making your first call to the lowest level of authority, start with your local agricultural extension agent, building department, or planning/zoning department. (Every state has a  state extension office at its land-grant university, like this one in MN.) When you start at this level, with people you may even know, they are often able to look at things in a more practical, familiar way. Agencies at this level may already be familiar with your business, similar requests, and/or application process that creates a fair permit process. This can make the permit process go faster and more smoothly.

Choice of wording is important. When requesting a permit, take the time to adequately describe how you plan to make a positive impact, and avoid terms that will cause alarm when there should not be any concern. Terms like farm, animal mortality, and pet rendering will help explain your permit application. Keep your comments to a minimum and stick to the facts. Make sure you have data to support /justify comments you make, or leave them out. Stick to the application requirements. Some factors may be uninteresting or not pertinent to an agency, so again, answer only what you’ve been asked to supply. In some cases, burners and fans can be tuned to meet requirement priorities, so call us if you have a unique specification you’ve been asked to comply.