April Special extra 10% off. Free heat for your shop – with waste oil heaters from Firelake (Ask about the only LIFETIME WARRANTY in the industry)

Firelake Waste Oil Heaters and Boilers are EPA compliant and designed from the ground up to burn waste oil (used oil) and other petroleum based products to provide heat for your shop or business, any commercial or industrial application. Over time, our waste oil heaters and boilers have become the premier waste oil heating equipment in the industry with the broadest range of products available.

With a waste oil heater from Firelake you can:

  • Eliminate high-cost heating sources like diesel, propane, and natural gas
  • Use waste oil for heat through forced air, hydronics, or steam
  • Eliminate costs of waste-oil removal
  • Improve your bottom line by burning the used oil compared to paying to have it hauled off
  • Eliminate your enviro-liability

Quality unmatched, we offer LIFETIME WARRANTY in the industry.   Our heaters come with a full line of accessories to add efficiency and performance to your heating system.