Firelake Provides Nearly 30 Waste Oil Heaters for Shelor Toyota

Shelor ToyotaWith nearly thirty Firelake waste oil heaters being used to heat their numerous facilities, Shelor Toyota of Christiansburg, Virginia doesn’t hesitate to recommend this efficient heating solution. The business owner explains “when we opened our new location I knew without a doubt we could depend on Firelake waste oil heaters to supply ample heat and keep heating costs down in our work bays. We’ve purchased dozens of Firelake waste oil heaters over the years, and they never let us down.”

Waste oil heating just makes sense.

Shelor Toyota is a community minded company with a focus on the future. Shelor Toyota’s Growing the Future Community Partnership is a great example of this. Another example of good community stewardship is their dedication to reusing waste oil and other byproducts in their heating system. This not only saves money, but is also a decision that utilizes technology and impacts our future. “Waste oil heating just makes sense. Firelake Manufacturing continues to develop technology in their heaters and furnaces that help businesses like ours reduce overhead and make a contribution to our future by taking advantage of resources available.”

Shelor Toyota waste oil heating