Firelake Proves Waste Oil Burner Durability

After 59,054 hours and many years of providing service a Firelake waste oil burner is still controlling temperatures within a Chevron blending and packaging process in Colorado. Recently examined for routine maintenance the burner was determined to have many hours of service left for the customer’s operation. Approximately 41,300,000,000 btus have passed through this burner. If an equal amount of propane or diesel fuel were purchased the amount would be over 300,000 gallons. If $2/gallon were paid the customer saved $600,000 dollars in fuel bills. What a return on investment ! The burner is typical of the simple yet effective Firelake design to handle waste fuels and turn them in to useful energy. Fireklake products are better known to some as the “Shenandoah Waste Oil Heater” or “Shenandoah Incinerator and Cremators”. The employees at Firelake, who were formerly Shenandoah employees are very proud of the products their waste oil equipment customers have enjoyed since the 1980’s.