Waste Oil Parts by the Piece

The times have changed in the waste oil heating industry. When it comes time to service your equipment can you buy what you need or are you forced to buy a complete burner, assembly, or exchanger? Some manufacturers do NOT sell individual parts. Knowing this up front may change your outlook on buying “inexpensive” or “highly marketed” burners and heaters. At Firelake we sell individual parts right down to o-rings and screws so you do not have to pay excessive money to restore heat in your shop. In comparable service situations you could face a $600 parts order from the competition. At Firelake customer service is available just by making a call or email to determine what parts are needed and how to get them fast. Ever hear of No-Ad products? Top quality with minimal advertising. Firelake too may be the best secret of the industry, using its resources to make good product and generate customer satisfaction. Firelake is the same company prior known as Shenandoah Waste Oil Heaters. The Firelake – Shenandoah tradition continues from the 1980’s.

“I need a heater that works”, not an uncommon story

Another day and another call from an unhappy customer that bought a low cost waste oil heater. Low cost looks attractive when heaters are being shopped around. A couple years later when the budget model stops working the customer discovers there is no option to buy the small parts to repair it. Only assemblies and complete burners are available. Ta-ching ta-ching, hundreds of dollars to pay. Firelake then gets the call because a peer has a Firelake heater system (aka Shenandoah) and they have had good reliability and have been able to get individual parts when needed. You get what you pay for in this case. Customers compare their heaters and that low cost model suddenly does not have the lowest cost of owning and operation. Just think how much more would have been saved if the Firelake was bought up front. Firelake puts its resources in designing and making good equipment. Others seem to shift focus by trying to look like the best through heavy advertisement. A Firelake burner in Colorado is approaching 60,000 run hours, what else do you need to know?

Unique FS Waste Oil Metering Pump

Firelake has a very simple design oil delivery pump that is capable of working on all models and all flow rates of any heater or boiler.    Customers are buying the Firelake pump to upgrade their existing equipment.   The new pump is available with new heater purchases too.  Having no operating adjustments there is nothing to potentially mess up.   Reliable oil delivery to the burner has been the FS key to consistent starting of the burner.    When competitive burners and pumps get to the point of requiring too much attention it is time to bring Firelake pumps and burners to action.    You also get the best technical support in the industry at no cost.    Contact Firelake or a Firelake dealer near you and ask about an FS Pump or a B5 burner.   Providing waste oil equipment over four decades.

Now Easier to Afford Firelake Equipment

Firelake has added new options for purchasing waste oil heating equipment and incineration units.   Additional leasing options and expanded 0% interest terms are part of what is available.   Simple to understand terms are key to the new programs.    All costs are detailed and payments outlined.   These plans are already being used by customers across America.   Contact Firelake for details.   There is a plan that can save you money and fit your business plan.

Fall 2014 Double Incentive Sale on Waste Oil Burners and Heaters

Firelake is offering a chance to double up on savings by offering special buys on complete heater systems and on burner-only purchases.    Select heaters are discounted for a limited time, and all B5 and K5 Burners are discounted for a limited quantity.    The B5 Burner is a time proven performer that has complimented Shenandoah and Firelake heaters and served as an upgrade for competetive models.    The K5 Burner has an integral air compressor allowing operation independent from your shop air system.    Firelake dealers can provide quotes for your specific needs.   See our Dealer Locator page.

Fall 2014 Sale on Industry’s Most Popular Waste Oil Heater Model

Firelake is offering a special discount on Model 315 heaters this Fall.   Contact your dealer or Firelake to take advantage of savings before heating season comes.  Discounts will not be offered for long.    The industry’s best overall design for burner and heat exchanger is what you will see with the Model 315 and the complete Horizon series of furnaces.    Only fifteen minutes required to service the heater once or twice a year.    Simple design, all parts are available individually.   You do not have to pay high parts prices or buy unnecessary assemblies as is done with competetive furnaces.

Waste Oil Burner Metering Pump

The pumping of waste oil to the burner using a metering has been popular with many customers and dealers.   Firelake metering pumps are used in many fuel applications.   There is only one Firelake model metering pump because it is designed to be versatile enough to operate any size burner.   Once set, the flow of fuel is consistent for any brand or model heater or boiler.   Unusual conditions with fuel or piping can be offset by the adjustment feature built in the control.   The design makes it a great option for field service replacements.   The technician only needs to carry the one pump to accomadate any customer.    Simple 120 volt direct drive motor design.

Firelake Offering an Extra 10% Off

Firelake is running through the month of April an extra 10% savings off their already low and competetive pricing.    All the Horizon and Three Pass model heaters are included.   There are restrictions on available quantity.   Once inventory is depleted the sale will end.   Contact the Firelake distribution network or call the factory directly to see what deals are still available.