Waste Oil Burners After The Heating Season

Is it time to sit back and do nothing? NO. Your waste oil burner worked all heating season and now it is on a multi-month temporary retirement. There are service matters that can be done now to save you grief later. Did you flush your pump and burner out with diesel fuel and then cut off the power to the burner? Flushing gets the waste oil out that could deposit sediments in the lines and burner during the off-season. If power is left on the burner it will continue to preheat oil and accelerate the sediments to form as sludge in the lines. Without this preventative service you can expect nozzle plugs, and solenoids to stick in the Fall. Filters, valves, and tanks should be serviced now too. Firelake dealers are skilled to do this work and keep your troubles to a minimum. At www.firelakeheaters.com click on the Dealer Locator tab or contact Firelake directly to get the process started 866-252-3757.

Waste Oil Parts by the Piece

The times have changed in the waste oil heating industry. When it comes time to service your equipment can you buy what you need or are you forced to buy a complete burner, assembly, or exchanger? Some manufacturers do NOT sell individual parts. Knowing this up front may change your outlook on buying “inexpensive” or “highly marketed” burners and heaters. At Firelake we sell individual parts right down to o-rings and screws so you do not have to pay excessive money to restore heat in your shop. In comparable service situations you could face a $600 parts order from the competition. At Firelake customer service is available just by making a call or email to determine what parts are needed and how to get them fast. Ever hear of No-Ad products? Top quality with minimal advertising. Firelake too may be the best secret of the industry, using its resources to make good product and generate customer satisfaction. Firelake is the same company prior known as Shenandoah Waste Oil Heaters. The Firelake – Shenandoah tradition continues from the 1980’s.

Independent HVAC Dealer Speaks Mind

In the waste oil heating industry feedback from the people working on the equipment is very important. When those same people contact you and comment,

“…. and we have been in the HVAC industry for over 30 years. We service a five state area, NE IA, MO, KS, and IL. We’ve worked on them all and I will say that FireLake products stand far above the rest in all categories, hands down.”,

it speaks solidly for your equipment design. The comment holds the highest value with Firelake as it came from a broad based company that is not a Firelake Distributor. Designing and building high quality waste oil heaters has been standard operation at Firelake over many, many years. We never get tired of hearing about the good our equipment has done for customers. Find out why our leading design in Horizon furnaces maintains a lead in the industry. See our CONTACT tab on the Firelake website. www.firelakeheaters.com

Not Wise to be Paid for Your Used Oil ?

Used oil is being generated in your service bays and stored at your shop. What are you doing with the oil? Some business owners proudly say I get paid for it. A company comes to my shop, takes the oil and gives me cash. Does it sound great to get a dollar for each gallon? Yes it does but does it short change your business. That gallon of used oil holds 150,000 btus of heat you could be heating your shop with. If you in turn use that “free” dollar plus another dollar from your pocket to buy diesel, propane, or therms of natural gas you could be paying energy bills that have no return on your money. If you applied that same out-of-pocket money to purchasing or leasing a Firelake brand used oil heater you would heat you shop with your own oil and pay off the heater while doing it. The details can be explained using your operating costs as the example. In many cases the bottom line suggests every gallon of oil you sell is a step in the wrong economic direction. Contact Firelake and their Distributors to learn how.

Firelake Proves Waste Oil Burner Durability

After 59,054 hours and many years of providing service a Firelake waste oil burner is still controlling temperatures within a Chevron blending and packaging process in Colorado. Recently examined for routine maintenance the burner was determined to have many hours of service left for the customer’s operation. Approximately 41,300,000,000 btus have passed through this burner. If an equal amount of propane or diesel fuel were purchased the amount would be over 300,000 gallons. If $2/gallon were paid the customer saved $600,000 dollars in fuel bills. What a return on investment ! The burner is typical of the simple yet effective Firelake design to handle waste fuels and turn them in to useful energy. Fireklake products are better known to some as the “Shenandoah Waste Oil Heater” or “Shenandoah Incinerator and Cremators”. The employees at Firelake, who were formerly Shenandoah employees are very proud of the products their waste oil equipment customers have enjoyed since the 1980’s.

Fall 2014 Double Incentive Sale on Waste Oil Burners and Heaters

Firelake is offering a chance to double up on savings by offering special buys on complete heater systems and on burner-only purchases.    Select heaters are discounted for a limited time, and all B5 and K5 Burners are discounted for a limited quantity.    The B5 Burner is a time proven performer that has complimented Shenandoah and Firelake heaters and served as an upgrade for competetive models.    The K5 Burner has an integral air compressor allowing operation independent from your shop air system.    Firelake dealers can provide quotes for your specific needs.   See our Dealer Locator page.

Fall 2014 Sale on Industry’s Most Popular Waste Oil Heater Model

Firelake is offering a special discount on Model 315 heaters this Fall.   Contact your dealer or Firelake to take advantage of savings before heating season comes.  Discounts will not be offered for long.    The industry’s best overall design for burner and heat exchanger is what you will see with the Model 315 and the complete Horizon series of furnaces.    Only fifteen minutes required to service the heater once or twice a year.    Simple design, all parts are available individually.   You do not have to pay high parts prices or buy unnecessary assemblies as is done with competetive furnaces.

Waste Oil Burner Metering Pump

The pumping of waste oil to the burner using a metering has been popular with many customers and dealers.   Firelake metering pumps are used in many fuel applications.   There is only one Firelake model metering pump because it is designed to be versatile enough to operate any size burner.   Once set, the flow of fuel is consistent for any brand or model heater or boiler.   Unusual conditions with fuel or piping can be offset by the adjustment feature built in the control.   The design makes it a great option for field service replacements.   The technician only needs to carry the one pump to accomadate any customer.    Simple 120 volt direct drive motor design.

Firelake Offering an Extra 10% Off

Firelake is running through the month of April an extra 10% savings off their already low and competetive pricing.    All the Horizon and Three Pass model heaters are included.   There are restrictions on available quantity.   Once inventory is depleted the sale will end.   Contact the Firelake distribution network or call the factory directly to see what deals are still available.

Exercise Your Right to Choose the BEST Waste Oil Heater Savings Available

shutterstock_13008853On Election Day through December 31, 2013 Firelake Manufacturing is offering an opportunity to save BIG and pick up 100% of shipping costs when you buy complete waste oil systems.

What is the FREE SHIPPING?

Orders placed for complete waste oil systems from November 5th through 5:00 pm EST November 30th (examples, but not limited to: 77100, 77330, 53520, 111960, 111856) will be shipped by standard freight to US and Canada destinations at Firelake’s expense.

Firelake will select the carrier at time of shipment. If expedited delivery, special delivery needs, or a different carrier is requested we will honor the change, but not be responsible for any increased charges.

Customers/Account holders must be “current” to place orders and thus receive the special offer.

This offer is not valid for anything less than complete heaters and heater /tank packages. It is not valid for parts orders, warranty, or sub-assemblies.

Contact the nearest Firelake Dealer near you or use our dealer locator and get your waste oil heater ordered today!

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