Buying a Used Waste Oil Heater

Is buying a used waste oil heater a good idea?

buying used equipment waste oil heaterFirelake products are put through rigorous safety testing and inspection. We only sell new waste oil heaters, never used waste oil heaters because it is very important that equipment operates at optimum safety and capacity. When you buy anything used, waste oil heaters included, you do not know the history behind the equipment. The new equipment Firelake manufactures is not only certified (up to industry regulation standards), but also undergoes third party inspections along with unannounced auditor inspections of our facilities. This is the kind of product guarantee you want to purchase.

Firelake distributors are allowed to rebuild a model or service equipment to our specifications, but in this case the equipment is serviced to manufacturing specifications. Buying a product from a private party or used heater online is not recommended. The potential for safety and operating problems is increased.

If your motivation for buying a used waste oil heater is to save money, you’ll be happy to know that with a Firelake waste oil heater you will recoup your initial investment very quickly.

Superior heating equipment, safety and savings are a priority at Firelake Manufacturing, and we invite you to use our locator tool to find a dealer near you who can discuss your heating needs in detail!