Burning Transmission Fluid in a Waste Oil Furnace

If you are considering the purchase of a waste oil furnace, you may be wondering what waste oils and fluids can be burned in your heater safely and economically. Furthermore, if you have an ample supply of fluids such as transmission fluids and used motor oil, we want to make sure you have the information you need to select the right waste oil furnace or heater for your needs.

So, can I burn transmission fluid in a waste oil heater?

transmission fluid in car repair shopYes, you can safely burn transmission fluid in a Firelake waste oil heater, often referred to as a waste oil furnace. In fact, transmission fluid is one of the best discarded fuels a heater can burn! Transmission fluid is easy to pump, has a good BTU value and burns clean.

Mechanics, auto-shops and car dealerships have switched to Firelake waste oil heaters in part, because we are UL and Canadian approved for transmission fluid burn. These industries love the economic value of our heaters paired with ample by-products on hand, such as transmission fluid and motor oil.

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