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shutterstock_13008853On Election Day through December 31, 2013 Firelake Manufacturing is offering an opportunity to save BIG and pick up 100% of shipping costs when you buy complete waste oil systems.

What is the FREE SHIPPING?

Orders placed for complete waste oil systems from November 5th through 5:00 pm EST November 30th (examples, but not limited to: 77100, 77330, 53520, 111960, 111856) will be shipped by standard freight to US and Canada destinations at Firelake’s expense.

Firelake will select the carrier at time of shipment. If expedited delivery, special delivery needs, or a different carrier is requested we will honor the change, but not be responsible for any increased charges.

Customers/Account holders must be “current” to place orders and thus receive the special offer.

This offer is not valid for anything less than complete heaters and heater /tank packages. It is not valid for parts orders, warranty, or sub-assemblies.

Contact the nearest Firelake Dealer near you or use our dealer locator and get your waste oil heater ordered today!

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Burning Waste Oil for Heat

burning waste oil to heat garageIf you are a business owner of an industry with unique heating needs, then you definitely need to formulate your own strategy for combating high utility bills. Firelake continues to help eradicate excessive heat bills for many companies that were surprised by the waste oil heating options available. Once they’ve experienced the savings and simplicity of waste oil heat, these businesses won’t use any other means to heat!

Unique Heating Needs Perfect for Waste Oil Heaters

Some industries with unique heating needs include large out buildings, hangars and quonset huts with high ceilings and/or large open spaces. Businesses with transportation bays, expansive shop floors, and frequently opened overhead doors share a challenge in finding reliable, cost effective heat that is up to the task. Repair shops, heated storage, bus garages, car washes, car dealerships, and transportation companies are just a few of the industries who appreciate the unique advantages of burning waste oil for heat.

Waste oil heaters are industrial strength heating systems designed for unique heating needs, with the distinctive ability to save thousands of dollars in the process. Whether you have waste fluids and oils as a byproduct of your business or have access to this fuel source, you are at a distinct advantage. Selecting and installing waste oil burning equipment in your facilities will allow you to control your fuel supply and heating costs.

Burning waste oil for heat is no longer something that is difficult to achieve or delegated to only those who are more aware of this environmentally friendly technology. Firelake not only manufactures waste oil heating equipment, but has the expertise to help you select the correct solution for your unique heating needs. You can call our company directly, and we can assist with your heater specifications.

We will put you in touch with a dealer near you for superior follow up service. We know it’s important to provide resources AFTER the sale so you get the most out of your equipment and can rely on it working the way it’s designed. Firelake offers a unsurpassed waste oil heater “parts advantage”.


Incinerator Permit Process: Where to Start?

incinerator permit process helpIf you are exploring the purchase of an incinerator for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed with the plethora of information. If circumstances are leading you toward the purchase of an incinerator or crematorium, we want to congratulate you on the positive impact your decision will make on clean ground water supply, our environment, and community health and safety standards. Incineration is an excellent choice for proper disposal of a variety of farm, veterinarian, medical, mining and gaming camps, and other waste removal needs.

Starting the Incinerator Permit Process

Because of the wide range of incinerator or crematorium use, your permit process may be dictated by a variety of factors including geographical location, local ordinance, state, and sometimes federal. To begin the incinerator permit process begin at the lowest level of authority and most local possible. For most people and businesses this would be your town or city. Then, progress to the county level or state level if needed. When making your first call to the lowest level of authority, start with your local agricultural extension agent, building department, or planning/zoning department. (Every state has a  state extension office at its land-grant university, like this one in MN.) When you start at this level, with people you may even know, they are often able to look at things in a more practical, familiar way. Agencies at this level may already be familiar with your business, similar requests, and/or application process that creates a fair permit process. This can make the permit process go faster and more smoothly.

Choice of wording is important. When requesting a permit, take the time to adequately describe how you plan to make a positive impact, and avoid terms that will cause alarm when there should not be any concern. Terms like farm, animal mortality, and pet rendering will help explain your permit application. Keep your comments to a minimum and stick to the facts. Make sure you have data to support /justify comments you make, or leave them out. Stick to the application requirements. Some factors may be uninteresting or not pertinent to an agency, so again, answer only what you’ve been asked to supply. In some cases, burners and fans can be tuned to meet requirement priorities, so call us if you have a unique specification you’ve been asked to comply.


Waste Oil Heater in New Construction Specs

waste oil heater in specsIf you are planning remodeling, a new addition, or new facility construction, the time to factor in a waste oil heater is in the spec process. Firelake Manufacturing can help. We frequently have contractors contact us to help spec out the right waste oil equipment according to building codes and new facility heating needs. In many cases, the property owner is familiar with a waste oil heater and its extraordinary heating capacity, and has specified a Firelake waste oil heater.

Factoring in a Waste Oil Heater into Specs

Factoring waste oil equipment into new construction at the onset is ideal. Not only does it allow the building contractor to locate the right equipment, but often times the cost of the waste oil heater can be factored into the loan. Business owners appreciate the cost of the equipment spread out over time, allowing them to use the money saved on energy to be put toward the loan payments. This is an ideal situation that we hear businesses say they appreciate having the forethought to consider not only energy savings, but lower utility bills from the first day the building project is complete!

Waste oil energy is worth as much as 30% more by gallon than diesel fuel, double the heat value of propane. Savings are amplified because tax credits are available in some states and on the Federal tax forms for qualified purchases. Factoring in a waste oil heater in the specs and financing also allows for careful selection of (tax credit) qualified equipment; the determination of which is something that depends on the business type and how the waste oil equipment is categorized.

If we can help you spec out waste oil equipment, call us at (866) 252-3757.

Read how McCarthy Tire and Automotive Center, has factored in over 30 Firelake waste oil heaters into their facilities.


Poultry Farm Incinerator

There’s no doubt. Americans love their chicken! All that delicious food comes from a mix of local farmers to large scale poultry producers. Keeping up with societal demands for one of America’s most popular food requires a sustainable means of disposing of waste.

Poultry farms and processing plants across the United States trust Firelake Manufacturing’s incinerators, built specifically to assist in the poultry production process. A reliable means of waste disposal plays a critical role on poultry farms and plants. Incinerators can help keep operations running smooth and overhead low. Firelake incinerators offer a clean, one-time burn which translates to using less fuel consumption and lower fuel costs. At a time when fuel costs are on the rise, it’s critical the poultry incinerator you choose is as efficient as possible offering “energy saver” controls like those available with Firelake incinerators.

We can appreciate the hard work and planning it takes to operate a successful poultry farm, and Firelake is here to assist will all your incineration needs and answer any questions you may have.


Industrial Incinerator

An industrial incinerator has a tough job! It’s the workhorse of waste disposal, and it must out perform all other garbage and waste solutions. Firelake Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing industrial incinerators for over forty years (since the 1970’s), with our equipment in use in every state across the country.

With stringent standards, Firelake manufactures industrial incinerators to have the least amount of environment impact possible. In fact, industrial incinerators positively impact our land and water supply by insuring the removal of disease ridden waste. Firelake incinerators can incinerate between about two hundred and sixteen hundred pounds of waste at a time (aka load capacity), depending on your specific needs and model selected. In order to extend the life of the equipment we manufacture incinerators that offer low thermal losses and high resistance interior surfaces.

In addition to a vast number of land-based industries that require waste incinerators, many sea-based industries depend on industrial incinerators too. All our incinerators are perfectly suited for marine use, on boats, barges, and vessels.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs or locate a distributor near you.

Here are some pictures of Firelake Industrial Incinerators:


What is an Incinerator?

With the right technology, incinerators are a safe and viable solution to maintaining a healthy environment. Firelake Manufacturing uses the latest in incinerator technology, and our incinerators provide a sanitary and timely way to dispose of a wide range of solid and liquid waste products and byproducts. From farm and poultry waste to medical waste, incineration helps control the spread of disease and pests.

Incinerators assist thousands of businesses and organizations each day, such as hospitals, poultry farms, highway departments, veterinarian clinics, small and large farm operations, food processing plants and more.

Firelake Manufacturing designs incinerators that operation with absolute minimal pollution or emissions during all states of the incineration process. The result is sterile ash, clean air, and healthier communities.

While most people don’t think much about those animals hit alongside the road, the truth is, we don’t have to. Processes and technologies are in place to eliminate millions of animal carcasses and waste products, making our communities safer, healthier, and more disease-free.

Other industries that rely on Firelake incinerators include:

  • Highway Departments
  • Bio-Science Testing and Bio-Laboratory Use
  • Medical and Surgical Use; Laboratory and Facility
  • Compound Production
  • Poultry and Livestock Farms
  • Food Production and Processing
  • Fishing and Wild Game Camps
  • Mining Camps
  • Veterinary Clinics and Pet Crematory Processes
  • Precious Metal Recovery
  • Marine Related Industries

Incinerators are an integral part of the disposal process for countless industries. As industries grow and change to consumer demands, business processes require equipment like incinerators to fill a gap in production processes, cost reduction, and regulation requirements. Talk to Firelake Manufacturing today to find an incinerator perfect for your unique needs.


New Incinerator A400X

Incinerator A400XFirelake Manufacturing is now offering a new, hybrid incinerator initially designed around specific needs and requests of our customers. The first A400X incinerators were shipped to mining, fishing and gaming camps in remote Canada. Since the first incinerators left the production floor, they’ve been in high demand.

Poultry Farms and Mining Camps Use Incinerators

Poultry farms, in addition to mining and gaming camps, are quickly discovering this cross-over incinerator’s design saves on fuel, lowering farm/camp operating costs significantly. The Incinerator A400X is an affordable incinerator, but manufactured with more sophisticated controls. This simple, low cost model is very appealing to organizations needing to incinerate a wide range of waste generated at camps in remote locations that have a commitment to proper waste disposal.

Remote camps are very responsible with waste that ranges from potato peelings and paper napkins in village mining camps, to the remains of a wonderful day of catching and cleaning fish or wild game. Every waste product not consumed or packed for the trip home that can be incinerated is disposed of properly. Can you envision how helpful this incineration process would be for your camp or poultry farm? Find a Firelake incinerator distributor near you.

Firelake incinerator picture of incinerator

Safe and Reliable: Virginia Transit Service Trusts Firelake

Virginia Regional Transit trusts Firelake ManufacturingThousands of people depend on mass transit, so a mass transit maintenance and service shop has an important role in keeping vehicles on the road and people getting where they need to be. The Virginia Regional Transit service bay works very hard to keep vehicles in top shape and depends on their Firelake waste oil heating system to keep the shop warm in the winter.

Virginia Regional Transit Service uses waste oil heatersThe Virginia Transit Service maintenance center has two Firelake heaters they purchased about a year ago. The heaters are very reliable and work every time. Other brands of heaters were tried at their prior location, but they switched to Firelake because the waste oil heaters are manufactured to produce more heat than other heaters. In fact, the heaters supply so much heat that usually they only use one. Only in extreme weather conditions do they turn on the second heater.

Service technicians stay warm and vehicles at a moderated temperature while being serviced thanks to the reliable heat of Firelake waste oil heaters.


Firelake Provides Nearly 30 Waste Oil Heaters for Shelor Toyota

Shelor ToyotaWith nearly thirty Firelake waste oil heaters being used to heat their numerous facilities, Shelor Toyota of Christiansburg, Virginia doesn’t hesitate to recommend this efficient heating solution. The business owner explains “when we opened our new location I knew without a doubt we could depend on Firelake waste oil heaters to supply ample heat and keep heating costs down in our work bays. We’ve purchased dozens of Firelake waste oil heaters over the years, and they never let us down.”

Waste oil heating just makes sense.

Shelor Toyota is a community minded company with a focus on the future. Shelor Toyota’s Growing the Future Community Partnership is a great example of this. Another example of good community stewardship is their dedication to reusing waste oil and other byproducts in their heating system. This not only saves money, but is also a decision that utilizes technology and impacts our future. “Waste oil heating just makes sense. Firelake Manufacturing continues to develop technology in their heaters and furnaces that help businesses like ours reduce overhead and make a contribution to our future by taking advantage of resources available.”

Shelor Toyota waste oil heating