FS-A Constant Delivery Metering Pump

For waste oil-fired burners, delivery of fuel to the burner is a sensitive issue. The mixture of used petroleum products in the tank has a varying viscosity over time.delivery of fuel to the burner with constant delivery metering pump

Engineers at Firelake have developed a new pump that:

  • Provides constant, dependable delivery of fuel to the burner
  • Eliminates the “manual” adjustments needed with standard burner systems
  • Ensures steady fuel volume even under varying circumstances
  • UL & ULc listed for use on all Firelake’s models
  • Rugged industry leading gearmotor, direct coupled, easy line voltage wiring
  • Fits all Firelake equipment and can retrofit any other existing pump arrangements
  • Quicker priming of the oil line compared to other fixed pumping systems
  • Factory set to assure proper operating and constant flow of oil to the fire chamber


“A” Pump
Inlet Port 1/4 FNPT
Outlet Port 1/8 FNPT
Pressure Range to 60 PSI
Max. Flow 3.6 GPH (500,000 btu)
Speed Adjustable
Rotation CW Shaft End
Operating Vacuum 20″ Hg
Maximum Lift 10′ Vertical
Horizontal Inlet Piping 0-30′, typ 1/2″ pipe
Electrical Voltage 1 AMP, 110 VAC
Weight with Control 15 lbs.