Are you pleased with your heater, does it save you money too?  Are you proud of your business?  We invite you to send us pictures and some brief details about the waste oil equipment, your energy savings, your business.   Sending information grants us the right to use your materials if we choose to post them on our web site.    Send items to sales@firelakeheaters.com

I can’t imagine any dealership not using one of these! Our shop heater has saved us a ton of money and paid for itself! — Earehart Honda, West Virginia

The savings are astronomical. — Scarff Ford, Auburn, Washington

It’s looking like we did the right thing. It certainly pays for itself. — Superlube, Alberta, Canada

The tremendous savings make it worth it. — Turner Buick, Hershey, Pennsylvania

You won’t regret making this decision. — Maguire’s Ford, Hershey, Pennsylvania

We’ll never shop anywhere else. — Greg’s Japanese Auto, Kent, Washington

It’s exceeded our expectations. Savings have been substantial. — Pacific Torque, Seattle, Washington

I would say within the first two years it paid for itself, if not sooner. — Brundage Bone Concrete Pumping, Kent, Washington

We need reliable, efficient heat, and we’ve found that in our Firelake waste oil heaters. — LE Wood Equipment Company, Fishersville, Virginia

We can turn up the heat as much as we need to and still save thousands of dollars by burning our waste oil and transmission fluids in our waste oil heaters. — Charlie Obaugh, Staunton, Virginia

It really works well. We haven’t had any problems, and we’re pleased with the performance. — Valley Honda, Staunton, Virginia

I’m impressed that we’ve had no problems with them at all, and our service technicians agree that the heaters provide ample heat throughout the service area. — LE Wood Equipment Company, Fishersville, Virginia

They really are amazing heaters. — Charlie Obaugh, Staunton, Virginia

We never have to run the building’s other heating system. Since installing our waste oil heater from Firelake, we’ve experienced the difference. — Muffler Man, Flint, Michigan

The heaters produce as much heat as we need all winter long. We love that the oil we save can later be burned for free heat, and the maintenance required for the waste oil heaters is very minimal as well. — Muffler Man, Flint, Michigan

We have two 315 waste oil heaters in our RV Center that we’re very happy with. — Charlie Obaugh, Staunton, Virginia

McCarthy Tire and Automotive Centers own and operate thirty Firelake waste oil heaters throughout our multiple locations, and each heater saves us thousands of dollars per month in heating costs. — McCarthy Tire and Automotive Center, locations in NY, WV, PA, MD, VA, NJ, NC

The heaters we use in our car washes have surpassed our expectations. We thought the high moisture conditions inside the car wash bay would prove challenging, but the Firelake heaters run reliably in the wet atmosphere and have resisted excessive wear over the years very well. — McCarthy Tire and Automotive Center, locations in NY, WV, PA, MD, VA, NJ, NC

There is no question we will stay with Firelake equipment with the opportunity arises. Firelake has done well to save us money on energy costs. — McCarthy Tire and Automotive Center, locations in NY, WV, PA, MD, VA, NJ, NC

A Shenandoah waste oil heater was installed over 20 years ago, and it’s still in operation! — Midwest Rebuilds, Fort Recovery, OH

I like the (Firelake) equipment durability and performance so much, I decided to sell it. It’s a product that runs reliably and puts out plenty of heat, so it’s something that I can sell to my customers knowing they’ll have a good experience owning the equipment. — Midwest Rebuilds, Fort Recovery, OH

The heaters are very easy to clean and require very little service. However, if service is required, parts are cheaper than other types of waste oil heaters. — Midwest Rebuilds, Fort Recovery, OH

When we opened our new location I knew without a doubt we could depend on Firelake waste oil heaters to supply ample heat and keep heating costs down in our work bays. — Shelor Toyota, Christiansburg, VA

We’ve purchased dozens of Firelake waste oil heaters over the years, and they never let us down.” — Shelor Toyota, Christiansburg, VA

Waste oil heating just makes sense. — Shelor Toyota, Christiansburg, VA

Firelake Manufacturing continues to develop technology in their heaters and furnaces that help businesses like ours reduce overhead and make a contribution to our future by taking advantage of resources available. — Shelor Toyota, Christiansburg, VA

I’ve been able to virtually eliminate my energy bills and still keep the garage a comfortable temp all winter long with my Firelake waste oil heater — Slebodnik Paving, Inc., Gibsonia, PA

We have not had to spend any time or money servicing our Firelake waste oil heater. We just turn it on when we need it, and it starts pumping out heat.” — Slebodnik Paving, Inc., Gibsonia, PA

It’s been twelve years since we got rid of our old heater and installed our Firelake waste oil heater. In all these years, our Firelake heater has required very little service, rarely needs our attention, and heats our shop very well. — Estey’s Garage, Orange, MA

If someone asks me, I always recommend Firelake. It’s the only waste oil heater I can recommend to colleagues looking for an efficient heater that is problem-free. — Estey’s Garage, Orange, MA

Even with frequent door openings to bring in vehicles, the Firelake heater is able to keep the shop warm and comfortable — Jim’s Garage, Athol, MA

We are very pleased with the reliability of our waste oil heater. My Firelake waste oil heater is very economical on the amount of fuel it uses to keep the garage such a comfortable temperature — Jim’s Garage, Athol, MA

I definitely made the right choice in a Firelake waste oil heater for my garage! If you want warm, reliable heat for your garage, give Firelake a call. — Jim’s Garage, Athol, MA

Thanks for alerting us to the extra discount for April heater purchases. This will help us and the customer with equipment purchases. — High PSI Equipment – Chicago area

The Firelake model 315 heater was the best investment made in the shop. It has run eight hours a day all winter for six or more years with little maintenance. Because of our business we burn Mobil 1 and other synthetics. Our shop stays warm all season. — John’s Corvette, New Hampshire

“…..the burner we talked about has 59,054 hours on it. After a standard rebuild I did not see anything that worried me in the area of longevity.”………Kirbi Stum — Thunderbird Petroleum – Colorado

“After 20 years of heating with many thousands of hours use we are looking to replace our model 350 with another 350 heater”………North Indiana Services.